Wednesday, April 16, 2014

MagCloud Book

All seniors will be participating in creating a MagCloud book of their work. Each student will have a double page spread. Marty Blake will lay out the book using a template, a formatted but flexible design that seeks to best showcase each illustrator's work. Our model for design is the SVA book that we saw at MoCCA; James and Marty each have a copy if anyone wants to see it. The artists can have anywhere from 1 to 4 pieces of art on their spreads, although most will have two, one on each page.

Please prepare your artwork according to the following spec.s:

TheMagCloud artwork needs to be submitted as an RGB file. So you do not have to do the CMYK conversions. Do send them to me by either of the paths described earlier (Dropbox or Hightail) by the end of Friday, April 18, if possible. I'll start laying out the pages this weekend. 

Submit art:

300 ppi, RGB, flattened tif file format

Your digital art must be 8.75" maximum width OR 11.25" maximum height

Choose the longest dimension, for example a vertical piece would be 11.25" tall, a horizontal piece 8.75" wide.

Send the art to Marty by one of the following processes:
To send large files via email, use (or a comparable program that can send large files)

Do NOT use your regular email program.

Share the files with me using